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O nás - About us



Naše chovatelská stanice Caer Dallben se nachází v podhůří Novohradských hor v malé vesničce Dlouhá, všude okolo nás je krajina plná lesů a luk, prostě ideální prostředí pro zvířata. Svého prvního irského vlkodava (můj sen od dětství) jsem si přivezla v roce 2002.

Our small kennel is situated in the Southern Bohemia near Novohradske mountains. We live in a house with great garden in the middle of the forests. We aren't a big kennel, so we have only a few wolfhounds at home.
Our breeding began in 2002, but my first wolfhound I saw at the age of 22 years and since then I've wanted to have one. I bought a lot of books where they was described and illustrated, and finally in 2002 I fulfilled my dream. Since then we had a few litters. 
Our dogs live with us as full members of the family. Because we have a small animal farm, our dogs and puppies are accustomed to various domestic animals. We have one other dog (pug Puci), two mini horses, mini sheep, goats, rabbits, cats, and a pair of budgies. We walk daily with the dogs for walks, which is for us the best part of the day and for dogs also. I think that just this makes our wolfhounds active, fast, strong and mainly health (walks at sunset are the best). 
Wolfhounds are with us for about 13 years, and even if it's for someone short time, we know that a better friend than the wolfhound never will find you! 
We try to keep our Wolfhounds healthy, strong and happy, just as well like puppies from us.